Lay a Patio

We get a lot of customers who are looking to save money by installing either a natural stone or a paving stone patio or walkway themselves. We don’t mince words when we help these customers - laying a patio is a lengthy and labour-intensive undertaking. However, if you are up to the task, you

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Build a Wall

Building small garden walls are well within the range of doable DIY projects that can be completed by the homeowner. Retaining walls on the other hand require engineering and special consideration of site conditions and surcharges, which may be out of the scope of what most homeowners can handle on their own. We firmly

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When should I use mulch, and how much should I use?

Mulch is a great insulator and aids in water retention while helping to prevent weeds and unwanted growth. Mulch should be laid down in late spring once the ground has had a chance to warm up a bit. You don’t want to lay it down too early, or it will slow down the warming

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