Of course you may do so. We are open to the public year round, and would be happy to allow you to show your clients some samples of products that are in their drawings, or within their budget range. As you know, it helps set the clients mind at ease when they are able to physically view and feel the products that are going to be installed in their home.

Our yards are fully accessible to visitors. We have sample boards set up with the majority of the hardscape product offerings on it, catalogues that we can offer, and all of our aggregates are available for view either inside our shop, or outside in the open bins.

If for any reason you are not able to come in with your client, we are happy to take the reins and give them a walkthrough. Of course, if you can send us a heads-up that you would be sending a client in, and give us a little direction towards the products you would like them to view, that would help everyone out greatly. We usually follow up these trips with a quick email to you to breakdown the visit and keep you in the loop.

We strive to always be open and friendly towards our customers, and this extends to anyone visiting our yard. Sending or bringing your clients in to our location can help reassure your client that they are making the right decision. CLS retail locations can be a great asset to closing your next big project!

We are here to help. If you have any questions please call our office.