Retaining walls are designed to hold back earth, gravel, and sometimes even vehicular traffic. This can equate a significant amount of weight being held back by your retaining wall. As such, there are guidelines in place, set by individual municipalities, that are designed to ensure that walls are built safely and according to their individual limitations. Any wall that exceeds a certain height is required to get a permit – which may or may not require an engineered drawing.

Always check the building codes in your municipality to ensure you are building within your allowance. The city of Calgary requires a permit for any retaining wall over 1 meter. Please note, this applies to garden boxes and raised garden planters as well as retaining walls.

When it comes to construction, safety should always be top of mind. If you have any questions about building permits in Calgary, they can be found on the City of Calgary website.

And always, always remember to Call Before You Dig

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