Flagstone is a great natural stone alternative for those who want to introduce natural elements, colours, and textures into their landscaping project. Flagstone, being a natural stone product, is available in a variety of sizes, and is sold by weight. Therefore, the amount, or weight, of flagstone that you require for your project depends upon the thickness of the flagstone.

Most patios and walkways with heavy traffic would do best with a 2” thick flagstone.

  • With 2” thick flagstone, you can cover about 80 square feet with one ton, or 40sf with 1000lbs.

For smaller projects or areas with less traffic, you can utilize 1” thick flagstone.

  • 1” thick flagstone will cover about 120sf with one ton, or 60sf with 1000lbs.

Each pallet of flagstone holds between 3000 and 4000lbs of stone. The price point of flagstone works out to about $7-10 per square foot, depending upon the variety of flagstone you choose.

If you are planning a natural stone flagstone project, please feel free to stop on by and talk to our staff. We can certainly help you visualize the stone needed for your project. Contact Us today if you have any further questions.