Sod is perishable, and because of this we only stock sod in our yard when there are orders that require us to have it on hand. Chances are high in the summer that we have some sod in stock at either of our locations, so give us a call and we can let you know how much we have. Keep in mind that a roll of sod will weigh about 25 lbs and a full pallet of 70 rolls will weigh about 3,000lbs.

If getting sod delivered, give us a call the day before and we will line up delivery. The product will be delivered via a flat deck truck with a moffett to offload. Placement in a driveway, alleyway, or on the street is ideal, due to the weight of the products and the limitations of the delivery vehicle. When you have your area measured, give us a call and we will coordinate delivery over the phone. When you are finished laying your sod, return your pallets to our location for a refund.