Bulk Natural Stone orders

Occasionally, we get requests for large quantities of boulders to be delivered. While we are more than happy to fill these orders, there are a few logistical challenges involved, and so we have created this document to help answer any questions you may have. We want to ensure that every delivery goes smoothly, and

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How will my product be delivered?

We have several different trucks in our fleet ready to deliver natural stone products to you. Palletized products and ‘The Landscape Bag’ are delivered on either our flatbed truck which has a moffett on the back to maneuver product around, or on our picker truck which has an extendable arm used to take product

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How much do ground covers & aggregates weigh?

The weight of ground covers vary based upon the material, the size of the material, and the moisture content. Whether or not it has rained in the past few days plays a big part in the weight of soils and mulches. Generally, mulches weigh about 1000lbs per cubic yard, but can go up past

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