Build a Wall

Building small garden walls are well within the range of doable DIY projects that can be completed by the homeowner. Retaining walls on the other hand require engineering and special consideration of site conditions and surcharges, which may be out of the scope of what most homeowners can handle on their own. We firmly

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Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is an important part of a paving stone installation. Polymeric sand is a specially formulated blend of sand mixed with polymers which, when spread in between pavers and wetted, becomes a powerful binding agent, similar to mortar. This helps to stabilize your interlocking stones while preventing weeds and ants from entering between

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Laying Turf

If you are ready to take the exciting step of installing artificial grass into your yard, you’ve made a great choice by choosing the best and most natural looking turf around - Bella Turf! Apart from offering you the best artificial grass available, their website is a fantastic trove of knowledge and assistance. After

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How to install sod

Laying sod can be labour intensive. It is best to install sod with a helper, and ensure that you take adequate breaks, especially during warm temperatures. The ground should be fully prepared prior to receiving your order of sod to ensure your sod is laid when fresh. To prepare the ground for sod: Remove

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