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What is The Landscape Bag?

  • A durable yard-scape bag that hold 1 cubic yard of any aggregate, mulch or soil product
  • Protects your products from the elements (rain, snow, leaves)
  • A way to keep your yard looking neat and tidy, even before the work is done!
  • A way to have your product delivered and offloaded in a location convenient to you!

Why use The Landscape Bag?

  • No mess – Unlike a bulk delivery The Landscape Bag keeps your product clean and well contained.
  • Flexibility – With The Landscape Bag your aggregate product is neatly stored and ready to use as soon as YOU are ready.
  • Protection from the elements – The Landscape Bags is closed at the top, so there’s no need to worry about working with wet product.
  • Mix and match products – The Landscape Bag allows for different types of aggregate product to be delivered all on the same truck! You can even have your bags shipped with palletized items so all your projects are taken care of with one delivery.
  • Keep your truck clean – The Landscape Bag fits right in your own truck, no more messy truck bed cleanup!
  • One delivery cost – Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge additional delivery fees for multiple bags. Our Landscape Bag prices include the cost of the product and the bag, only 1 delivery fee is charged, even if you purchase multiple bags!

Where can The Landscape Bag be placed?

  • Almost anywhere you could drive a car on your property
  • Driveways, front lawns, back alleys, backyards & more!
  • Through gates to a backyard (minimum 10ft wide clearance through the fence)
  • Depending on access, the bags can be dropped over fences or other obstacles!
  • The bags cannot be placed:
    • Anywhere where our trucks need to cross driveways, curbs or sidewalks
    • Anywhere where power lines may interfere with dropping the bags

How can I order my own The Landscape Bag?

Shop The Landscape Bag Today!