We have a large fleet of trucks available to deliver your product quickly and efficiently. We can deliver anything from 1 yard of sand in a dump truck to a flat deck truck full of boulders or pallets. Don’t worry, our staff will walk you through your options when you place your order to ensure that the correct product is delivered in the correct way.

Palletized products and boulders are always delivered on the picker truck or flatbed truck, except in the case that you need such a large amount of boulders that they are to be delivered in an end-dump truck. Our picker truck has an extendable arm that lifts the product off the truck and places the product a maximum of 20 feet from the truck. Our flat deck truck has a moffett (forklift) on the back that is used to remove the product from the truck and place it where you would like it, within reason and at the discretion of the driver.

Gravel, sand, mulch, and decorative aggregates are either delivered loose in a dump truck or in ‘The Landscape Bag’. If you plan on using the product immediately, you may prefer the ease of loosely dumped product on site. One the other hand, if you are not quite ready to start but wish to keep the product contained for when you are ready, may we suggest having the product delivered in ‘The Landscape Bag’. These landscape bags are delivered on a picker truck or a flat deck truck, which can place the bags in an area convenient to you.  

To ensure we have safe deliveries, we require clear drop instructions and open access to each site. We often ask for a foreman or specific point of contact for the day. Our drivers won’t call if someone is on site to direct, but in case we have a problem on site or getting to site, we need a contact number. Unfortunately, if no one is on site, the job site is too messy, or the drop instructions are either incorrect or missing, and no one answers our phone calls, we may not be able to drop the material on site. This doesn’t happen often, but our drivers sometimes have to make judgement calls, and have a schedule to stick to.

Please note, you are required to report all road bans or special permits to CLS before placing an order. Our trucks are not able to leave city streets without appropriate permits unless it is privately owned land. CLS’s policy is to not have any of our trucks drive on residential driveways, as our trucks are simply too large and can cause cracking or damage.

**Please note we do not perform street drops within Cochrane.

If you have any questions about delivery, please call one of our offices, or contact us.